More Information on the San Juan Silting Problem

December 23, 2007

Many thanks to Vinny Villavicencio for gathering this information.  He has asked me to post it here on this site for reference by other concerned anglers.  Thanks Vinny!!!


Shows well sites and land marks.  Question => Is the increase of silt in the river related to the increase in the roads and well sites?





Show’s a possible source for silt in the Upper Flats and Braids.  The silt is coming in from somewhere.  The river bed is cleaner and is starting to show recovery (insects are coming back), but the fish population is way down from the lower section of the upper flats to Texas Hole.


Show’s a possible source (roads) for the silt coming into the river between Lunker Alley and Baetis Bend.  The silt will affect the habitat improvements currently being done by the Navajo State Parks.


Shows Kiddie Hole after the Silt Delta was removed.  This is a positive move, but nothing has been done to minimize the silt coming into the river from the arroyo (Rex Smith arroyo).  The fish population is way down in Kiddie Hole.

Shows aerial picture of 1st stream habitat improvements around Durangler’s Corner.  The silt is already affecting the improvements.
Bottom line => take action to write to the Government about:

Control and minimize the silt coming in from the Rex Smith Wash, Munoz Wash and Simon Wash.  Support continuous flows of 500 cfs and above for a healthy river that can take care of small amounts of silt entering into the water (note: flows reduced to below 500 cfs due to droughts are a fact of life and will need to be allowed).
Thanks again Vinny!