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Normal gray/blue with eggs

Life Cycle = hatch from egg and grow to adult scud

Size 4 - 10 mm (San Juan scuds are very small)
Colors Light Gray, Blue-Gray, Light Olive
Action Swims erratically and often will roll over to swim on it side.  It is typically straight bodied when at rest but will curve its body when captured.  A dead drift is the best presentation.
Habitat Lives almost exclusively in areas where there is concentrated aquatic vegetation.  Scud are omnivorous and will feed on plants and animals but most eat decaying matter in the river.
Notes The scud is a freshwater shrimp (Amphipod).  It   is actually a crustacean that is a distant relative of true shrimp. You won't find too many scuds in the sandy or silty areas of the river.  Look for moss or algae beds. 
Fly Patterns
  • Gray flashback, sparkle antron scud 18-22
  • Gray-blue bead scud 20-22
  • Natural light gray or light olive scud 20-22

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