Realistic Worm
This version can be real hot at times!

Hook: Daiichi 1150 in size 8-12
Thread: Orange 6/0 Uni-thread
Under Body: Red/Orange/brown Thread
Rib: Light Orange/Tan Vinyl Rib (half round)
  1. Secure thread at head.
  2. Lay V-Rib parallel to hook, wrap back half way down bend.
  3. Wrap thread forward and mix in different natrual worm colors of thread along the body to create the internal organs and blood line.
  4. Finish winding thread to just behind eye.
  5. Wrap V-rib forward, whip finish head, and cement.
Variations: Experiment with winding V-Rib flat side up and round side up. I prefer flat side up on most patterns. Try different colors of thread and v-rib to come up with a favorite. Try Krystal flash or Flashabou underbody to make a sparkle worm. Try a Daiichi 1770 for a different worm body bend.