Purple Pupa
Purple Pupa

Upper River Pattern
Hook: Daiichi 1100 size 22-26
Thread: Black 8/0 Uni-Thread
Tail: None
Body: Dark Purple Wire (found at the craft store)
Thorax: Black Ice Dubbing or Black Krystal Dubbing
Wing: None
  1. Place the hook in the vise.
  2. Start wrapping the wire at the bend of the hook and work forward with tight wraps.  Make sure and hold on to the tag end until you get the wire wound to the head.
  3. Tie the black thread in at the head and make several wraps over the wire tag that is towards the front. 
  4. Grab the wire tag at the front and wiggle back and forth a few times until it breaks.
  5. Place the black ice dubbing on the thread and dub the thorax/wing case/head.
  6. Build a thread wedge in front of the foam post until it is standing up straight.  
  7. Whip fininsh, trim thread, and cement.
  8. Grab the tag end of wire hanging out the back and wiggle until it breaks near the shank of the hook.
  9. Use your finger nail to push the wire wraps forward to tighten up if necessary.
  10. Optionally place a drop of super glue on the body for a more durable fly.
Variations & Comments: This is a great pupa pattern to fish when the fish are feeding sub-surface.  The shiny color of the wire seems to immitate the rising pupa well.   Also try in black, green, and even blue wire.  Did very well with this pattern in blue and purple on Lee's Ferry.  San Juan fish seem to prefer purple or black.