Great winter and back channel pattern!

Hook: Daiichi 1270 size 20-22
Thread: Fl Orange 8/0 Uni-thread
Body: Thread
Thorax: Red Marabou or Red Ice Dubbing
Wing Case: None
Rib: Pearl Flashabou
  1. Secure thread behind  and  wrap back to just before bend while securing a strand of pearl flashabou.
  2. Wrap thread forward to form body .
  3. Rib forward with flashabou.
  4. Dub thorax with two small red marabou barbs spun on thread or use red Ice Dubbing for more flash..
  5. Whip finish and carfully cement.
Variations: Try with red thread.  Try a red or orange sparkle dub thorax.  Instead of just ribbing with flashabou, cover entire body.