KF Midge Emerger
A San Juan favorite.  Works all year!

Hook: Daiichi 1130 in size 20-26
Thread: Brown 8/0 Uni-thread
Body: Brown Thread
Thorax: Thread
Wing: Pearl Krystal Flash
Rib: Fine Gold Wire
  1. Place the hook in the vise.
  2. Secure the thread just behind the head and tie in the wire along the side of the hook shank with the long end towards the back.
  3. Wrap the thread back to bend while securing the wire.
  4. Build a slightly tapered body leaving the thread hanging near the head.
  5. Rib forward with the wire and secure the wire with a few turns of thread just behind the head.
  6. Trim the wire with the "wiggle" method by quickly wiggling the wire back and forth with good tension until it breaks at the point where you secured the wire with the thread.
  7. Cut a 2" strand of pearl Krystal Flash and fold in half.
  8. Center the KF over the thorax and secure with 2 turns.
  9. Pull the front half (2 strands) to the back and secure with 2 tight wraps (now you have 4 strands pointing back for a wing).
  10. Pull the wing upright and make one or two turns under it to angle the wing at 45 degrees.
  11. Build up a thread head and color black with a permanent marker or leave brown.
  12. Whip finish, trim the thread, cement head, trim wing to the length of the fly.
Variations: Try different colors of thread or a copper wire rib (I always carry black, brown, gray, and olive). Tie the wing using a very small strip of white closed cell foam.  Another favorite is this same pattern with an olive body and dark olive wire rib with a black dubbed head.  Great pattern to fish near the surface with little or no weight when fish are feeding on midge pupa an emergers.