Glass Eye Midge (GEM)
Killer midge pattern!

Hook: Daiichi 1130 in size 20-26
Thread: Black 8/0 Uni-thread
Body: Thread
Thorax: Clear Micro Bead
Wings: None
Rib: Fine copper wire
  1. Thread clear or silver bead onto hook.
  2. Secure hook in vise and push bead to the head.
  3. Secure thread just behind the bead and tie in the wire along the side of the hook shank with the long end towards the back.
  4. Wrap the thread back to bend while securing the wire.
  5. Build a slightly tapered body leaving the thread hanging near the bead.
  6. Rib forward with the wire and secure the wire with a few turns of thread just behind the bead.
  7. Trim the wire with the "wiggle" method by quickly wiggling the wire back and forth with good tension until it breaks at the point where you secured the wire with the thread.
  8. Whip finish behind the bead just enough to keep the bead from sliding back, trim the thread and cement.
Variations: Try olive, gray, or brown body colors. Experiment with wire colors too. Add a krystal flash wing or antron wing for a great emerger. You can also try a black bead for another great pupa pattern.