Blue Bead Scud with Eggs
Blue Bead Scud with Eggs
Upper River Pattern
Hook: TMC 2487 size 16-22
Thread: Gray 8/0 Uni-Thread
Body: Blue centered plastic beads with clear outer shell
Eggs: Orange centered plastic beads with clear outer shell
Legs: Gray Ostrich Herl
Shell Back: Softex
  1. Slip 4, 11/0 sized plastic craft beads onto the hook (For this pattern I use the type of beads that are clear on the outside but painted blue around the inner diameter with the orange ones in the middle).
  2. Place the hook in the vise.
  3. Push the beads to the eye of the hook and start the thread at the back of the hook and create a thread jamb near the bend to keep the beads from slipping back down the hook.
  4. Tie in an ostrich herl at the back.
  5. Wrap the thread forward between each bead and then follow with the herl.
  6. When you reach the head of the fly, whip finish and cement.
  7. Trim the ostrich herl on the top and sides.
  8. Coat the top with medium coat of softex to keep the thread and ostrich from breaking and to create the shell back.
Variations & Comments: There are as many variations to this pattern as there are colors of dubbing and beads.  Try different combinations for different effects.  I really like this pattern because it is so easy to tie and seems just as effective as the traditional pattern.  I've found these little blue/gray scuds in the bellies of many San Juan trout and they seem to be increasing in numbers in the past 2 years.  Most effective from the Texas Hole down through Death Row.  Not many folks fish this pattern, but it can be very productive on certain parts of the river.