Ultra-Chenille Worm
Old faithful!!!

Hook: Daiichi 1510 in size 12-16
Thread: Red 6/0 Uni-thread
Body: 1 to 1.5" piece of Burnt Orange Ultra Chenille
Thorax: None
Wingcase: None
Rib: None
  1. Place the hook in the vise.
  2. Secure thread at head, wrap back to just before bend.
  3. Lay the chenille on top with the tag end extending about " past the bend of the hook.
  4. Secure the chenille at the back with 3 turns.
  5. Lift the front piece of chenille up and wrap forward underneath it to the eye of the hook.
  6. Lay the front end of the chenille along the top of the hook and secure with 2 wraps over the chenille
  7. Whip finish, trim thread, cement, and use a lighter or a candle to singe the tips of each end for slight taper.
Variations: Try different colors of thread and chenille to come up with a favorite (I always carry 2 or 3 different shades of red, brown, and orange). Tie it on a scud hook or wide gap hook for more curves.  I buy white and tan ultra chenille in bulk and then dye my own worm colors.  The only color I like from the fly shops is the burnt orange.   Otherwise I dye mine in shades of orange and brown ranging from a light peach color to a dark orange/brown color.  I usually tie these patterns in bulk and to save time I don’t use cement and I wait until I have several dozen tied before I break out a burning candle to singe the ends.  I usually hold 3 or 4 tips at a time between my thumb and forefinger when I quickly pass them near the tip of the flame to create the taper.